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Please print out this page or copy down the pertinent information and mail it to:

Art Academy de los Niņos

2504 Calle de los Niņos

Santa Fe, NM 87505

Or call

Sandi Wright 473-3003


Payment is expected at the time of each class. Classes are $25 each class period per person or $20 each class period per person if two or more members of the same household are taking classes at the same time (does not have to be on the same night).

Blocks of classes may be purchased at a time if that is more convenient. At this time only cash and checks may be accepted.

Please make checks payable to

Sandi Wright.

Gross Receipts tax will be added.


Name ______________________________________________________

This is the name of the person making the application.

Name(s) and age(s) of the student(s)

_______________________________________________ age ________

_______________________________________________ age ________

_______________________________________________ age ________

Student address: _____________________________________________



Home phone: _________________ Emergency phone: _______________

Email address: _______________________________________________

Emergency contact person for students under 18.

____________________________________ relationship _____________

Phone _____________________ alternative phone _________________

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